Steps to Success is seeking interviewers for the 2016 Montbello Community Survey. Please read the following FAQs before submitting your application materials.

How old do I have to be in order to be hired as an interviewer on this project? Interviewers must be at least 21 years old.

How much will I make as an interviewer? Interviewers are paid $125 for their 2-day training once at least 2 interviews are complete. Additionally, interviewers will earn $1 for every household screened, $25 per completed youth interview, and $20 per completed parent interview. Interviewers also earn additional incentive compensation based on the number of interviews completed. ($20 for every five interviews completed)

How will I get paid? Interviewers are paid once a month by check. Direct deposit is not available.

What kind of benefits come with this job? There are no benefits (medical, dental, etc.) associated with this position.

How many hours a week can I expect to work? This will depend entirely on the individual interviewer’s schedule. Interviewers need to have a flexible schedule so that some interviews may be conducted on the weekends or during evening hours. Ideally, interviewers are available to work a minimum of 8-10 hours a week.

Do I have to live in Montbello or Northeast Park Hill in order to become an interviewer? No, you are not required to live in either neighborhood. However, we encourage residents and those who live in nearby neighborhoods to consider applying. Interviewers are not compensated for their mileage or time spent driving to/from interview appointments.

I don’t know much about Steps to Success. Do you have suggestions on learning about the project? There are a few ways to learn more about the work of Steps to Success. Our website: has good information about how the initiative began, as well as its current highlights. Additionally, all are welcome to attend monthly Community Board meetings. Project staff members are generally available to meet in person or by phone to talk. Some background information will be provided during the interviewer training.

Can I get involved in other aspects of the project? There is plenty of engagement opportunity with Steps To Success. Interested parties can attend our monthly Community Board meetings, join one of the committees, or volunteer to support any number of community activities with us.

When is training? How long does it last? Will I get paid to train? The interviewer training is 2 full days and is scheduled to take place on November 2nd and 3rd. Subsequent trainings for additional, newly hired interviewers will be scheduled, as needed. Interviewers who complete the training will be paid $125 after they have completed at least 2 interviews in the community.

The flyer says that a background check is required.  What if mine does not come back completely clean? Background checks are completed for the safety of the families we are interviewing. If a person’s background check does not return clean, next steps are considered on a case by case basis.

How long does this position last? Who will I report to? Ideally, interviewers will remain in their position until all of the data is collected. This may take up to 6 months. Interviewers report to the Steps to Success Community Site Manager and will be required to participate in a weekly, face-to-face check in. This check in will take place in Montbello. A check-in schedule will be established during training.

Do you need bilingual Spanish-speaking interviewers? Yes, there are many Spanish-speaking parents in both neighborhoods. Bilingual interviewers are encouraged to apply. Bilingual Spanish interviewers will earn additional incentive pay based on completed Spanish interviews.

Individuals interested in becoming an interviewer with Steps to Success may contact Community Site Manager, Shelli Brown at 303-735-3655 or